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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Writing Colonies XLI: Maps of Caprica and Battle

Phase two of editing continues apace, however, I realized I had not shared a couple of maps with you.  The first is Caprica:

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It's based on the limited landmasses seen in BSG and Caprica, plus the image from the QMX map.  Some places were seen first in Book Eight: Picon as a revolution ended the era of imperial puppet nations on the planet (the Virgan-aligned nation of Rhodia was in northern Andros with its capital of Rhodes; the Leonan-aligned nation of Dordogne was in southern Andros with its capital of Lato).  

The second map is specific to a single, long chapter in Book Thirteen: Caprica which focuses on a siege:

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I'm sure that's fairly impenetrable without the context of the story itself, but, hey, it's another map you can look forward to.

Thanks for reading.

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