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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Writing 'Colonies' Part XIV: Page Count

Quantity is by no means a measure of quality.  There are plenty of fans of various franchises who would agree to that.

For me, I'm trying to lay down some serious quantity and I am constantly worried that the quality may not be up to people's expectations.  Other than writing, reading, editing, writing again, etc., there's not much I can do on that front.  (And, I suppose, I could tell people, "Hey, lower your expectations.  We'll all be happier."  There.)

If you're curious about the quantity of what I've put out versus what's coming, here you go.

Lords of Kobol - Book One: Apotheosis: 206 pages
Lords of Kobol - Book Two: Descent: 203 pages
Lords of Kobol - Book Three: The Final Exodus: 260 pages
Lords of Kobol - Prelude: Of Gods and Titans: 310 pages
Lords of Kobol - Alternate: Tales from Ancient Days: 116 pages

Total for the Lords of Kobol series: 1,095 pages

Now, here's what's coming using current first draft(-ish) page counts:

Colonies of Kobol - Book One: Earth: 157 pages
Colonies of Kobol - Book Two: Gemenon: 134 pages
Colonies of Kobol - Book Three: Leonis: 138 pages

Total for Colonies of Kobol - Volume One: 429 pages

Colonies of Kobol - Book Four: Virgon: 5 pages

(Gimme a break.  I just started.)

Colonies of Kobol - Book Thirteen: Caprica: 544 pages
Colonies of Kobol - Book Fourteen: The Colony: 147 pages
Colonies of Kobol - Book Fifteen: New Caprica: 61 pages
Colonies of Kobol - Book Sixteen: Earth: 101 pages

Total for Colonies of Kobol - Volume Three: 853 pages (plus whatever Book Twelve: Tauron will be)

Total for the Colonies of Kobol series thus far: 1,287 pages

There you go.  Time for me to get back at it.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Writing 'Colonies' Part XIII: SITREP - Book Three (and Volume One) Are Finished

See for yourself:

Leonis ended up being an enjoyable exercise in writing and plotting.  How to set up a thousand-year war between two worlds ... I planted some seeds that don't begin to sprout until Book Four (which I've already outlined, as you can see).

With the completion of Book Three: Leonis, Volume One is also finished.  I made a graphic to show you how I (currently) plan to separate the books into volumes:

Yes, Volume One is "only" three books.  As that volume is subtitled Foundation, these three books had to set up all that follows.  In Book One: Earth, we set up the Final Five and their flight to the Colonies.  In Book Two: Gemenon, it's the conflict between monotheism and polytheism there that later becomes part of the Cylons' programming.  In Book Three: Leonis, it's setting the stage for the conflict between Leo and Virgo, one that shapes everything that happens in the Colonies for a millennium.

Volume Two: Evolution is just that.  How these different worlds evolve and how they are shaped by their masters who live on far away planets.  I get cracking on that in short order, starting with Book Four: Virgon.

Thanks for reading.