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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Weekend SALE

To kick off the holiday season, how about I give away some books?  (All I ask in return is that you RATE & REVIEW when you're done.)

My post-post-apocalyptic teen road trip zombie epic is FREE.

Go to SMASHWORDS and use code QR69F.

My time-travel scifi action adventure tale is also FREE.  Like Lost but with a clearer plot and more solid ending.

Go to SMASHWORDS and use code HC92L.

On the erotic side of things:

Issue #1 of my superhero erotica is already FREE.  Click here to get it.

For Issue #2 to be FREE, go to SMASHWORDS and use code QZ27G.

This one's not FREE; just reduced:
My semi-autobiographical bit of erotica involving married life, threesomes, foursomes, etc.  Usually $2.99; get it here for 99¢.

Go to SMASHWORDS and use code HD92L.

Don't forget to RATE & REVIEW!  Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Need Your Help

Over the last year and change, thousands of people have downloaded my stuff.  That's awesome and great.  It's why I started publishing, naturally.  But I would like for even more people to see it.

So, I need your help.

Do me a favor.  Go to the site where you downloaded/bought my book and please leave a rating & review.

(Don't worry; there's something in it for you, too.  The more people who get my books, the more encouraged I feel to keep writing.  See?)

Right now, on just about every site, my books have about four stars out of five.  The problem is, most of the sites where my books are ... there isn't a rating or review at all.  My Lords of Kobol books don't have any star ratings or reviews at all on Smashwords.  On Amazon, my biggest sellers, Displaced and Sexcalation, have nothing either.

In order for me to reach more people, that needs to change.  And I can only change that with your help.  

Again, please just go where you got 'em and leave a rating and review.

Here's my profile page on Smashwords, with all my books listed toward the bottom.
Here's my Barnes & Noble page (No, I don't know why my name is so jacked-up there.).
Here are some of my books on iTunes.  And here's DoaSL.
My books on Amazon.
On Kobo.
On Sony part 1.  On Sony part 2.
On Versent.

Any other e-tailers I didn't list?  Please, let me know.

And here's my Goodreads page.  That would help, too.

Beyond the good ol' "rate and review," tell your friends.  Send links to people you know who like BSG or zombies or time-travel stories or erotica.  My website's easy enough:  Please, pass it on.

Thanks for reading and thank you for your help.  I appreciate it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

'BSG: Blood & Chrome' Episode 1

Looks pretty good.  A bit lens-flarey.  The CG CIC looks good; not as noticeably false as I was afraid.  Love Bear McCreary's work, of course, on the score.

If you don't know, BSG: B&C comes out on Blu-ray and DVD in February: