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Monday, February 22, 2021

Writing Colonies XXVI: "Aliens" in the Colonies

For those interested in a SITREP (sans graphic), I'd say I'm about two-thirds done with Aerilon at this stage.  

A while back, someone asked me if there would be any unusual wildlife on the colonies, something we never saw in any of the shows.  As these were, essentially, alien worlds to humanity, it made sense that we could see something of that nature.  I've sprinkled a few around (the single-horned mountain rams of Gemenon, the wild cats of Leonis, various varieties of birds and flowers, etc.), but none were very prominent in the story.  That changes with a scene in Book Seven.

Ready to be grossed out by the lizard vultures of Aerilon?  Click the JUMP and read on.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Writing Colonies XXV: Gaius Frakking Baltar

 Since I'm writing about Aerilon now and I do those "interview" chapters between the Messengers and various characters, it seemed only right to check in with Gaius Baltar, the only regular character from the show from Aerilon.  

If you want to read his chapter (which includes a glimpse of his life with Caprica Six on Earth II), click the JUMP.