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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Writing 'Colonies' Part XXI: Taking Canceron in a Different Direction

If you saw last update, I abandoned my initial start of Canceron just as I finished the first pass on those chapters.  (They were just too thin or slight compared to everything else.)  So I've pushed ahead with my planned second part of the book.  As of now, it will be the only part of Book Six, but I may go back to the first part and redo things if I get inspired.

Telling the stories of empires conquering worlds and such sounds exciting (and it is), but as I did chapter after chapter, I found myself ... repeating myself.  Castle intrigue and the like.  I pared back what I could of such repetition (and I likely have more to do), but I've been working to find new ways to tell the stories of these worlds.  Sometimes that means new genres.

If you'd like a taste of what I mean, you can read one of the early chapters of Canceron after the JUMP.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Writing 'Colonies' Part XX: Book Six - STARTING OVER

Well, shit.

No, my computer didn't die (again).  I still have the thirty-ish pages I started on last week.  Let me explain it by recounting that special moment from yesterday afternoon.

The first part of the book (not half; part) is about how the Virgo and Leo settlements on Cancer come together to form their own government after their respective empires abandoned them, thus forming the oldest (and what would become the largest) democracy in the Twelve Colonies.  So, I'm typing the final sentences.  Type, type, type.  Put the period on, delete the extra spaces, and finished.  I leaned back in my chair, glanced at the preceding paragraph or two, and said, "I hate it."

Somehow, as I wrote these thirty pages in the last several days, the thought didn't cross my mind.  I believed everything was going OK and according to my outline.  The characters were fine, there was a flourish of humor, some action, ... yeah, I didn't like it.

What was the problem?  It feels too slight.  Not just because the story was told in thirty pages.  The first part of Book Three: Leonis isn't much longer than that but I like that section of Leonis perfectly well.  No, there was just something missing.  It feels too thin.  It's like I didn't have anything more to say than, "Here's what happened.  Plot, plot, plot."  Sometimes my writing can downshift to that kind of beat-by-beat storytelling, but that's typically in action scenes and the like which demand it.  

Yeah.  So I will, basically, start over.

I will not attempt a rewrite at this stage.  I will, instead, skip ahead to the meatier portion of my Book Six outline which details the struggles of a mining community against the leadership of a company and their government.  Right now, I think this section alone will comprise Book Six

(Will I include those thirty pages in the mythical Colonies of Kobol - Special Edition?  Maybe.  We're still pretty far away from that, though.)

Thanks for reading.