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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Writing Colonies Part XXVIII: SITREP - "Aerilon" is finished

 Handy-dandy graphic:

With the completion of Book Seven: Aerilon, I have now finished four books out of the eight books slated for Volume Two.  So I'm kinda halfway done with Volume Two.  Yay.  And I now have "only" five books left to do out of sixteen.  Bigger "yay."

How's my pace?  Well, Aerilon took just over a month.  That's on par with both Virgon and Sagittaron, which also took a month.  Canceron was an aberration thanks to a false start and my diversion into Jonathan Swift, so that was two-and-a-half months.  I think Picon, barring unforeseen wackiness, will take about a month or so as well.

I've mentioned it before, but Aerilon provided the opportunity for me to write a western, of sorts.  It was rather fun and ended up lasting about 77 pages (for those keeping track) and it was a departure from my usual ___ of Kobol style in that there weren't chapters that bounced back and forth, telling the story from other characters' perspectives.  Instead, it focused on one person and his task on this planet.  

I did end up creating a map for it, so here it is:

Click to embiggen

(The long lines are trails that link the far-flung towns.)

Now it's on to Book Eight: Picon.  As this is "The Ocean Colony" and they have an established naval tradition, I think it's rather obvious that I shall have to channel my inner Hornblower and set off on the high seas.

Thanks for reading.