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Friday, July 9, 2021

Writing Colonies XXXV: The Culture of Tauron

Caprica itself is, basically, modern-ish America but with hats.  Sagittaron, we know from Galactica, is largely made up of religious types who eschew medicine.  But, thanks to Caprica, Tauron is the world with the richest depictions among the Twelve Colonies.  

Of course, as I'm writing, I'm including all sorts of aspects of the culture we've seen, and I have to fill in some blanks, too.  This means I also have to tackle the origins of some of this stuff.  Not to worry; I won't be giving Taurans tattoos, mourning gloves, the "dirt eater" epithet, and ancient Greek as a language in one fell swoop like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade did (wherein Indy got his whip, his chin scar, his hat, and his fear of snakes in one day).

Let's hit a few of the big points and I'll give you a peek at how it's handled in Colonies of Kobol - Book Twelve: Tauron.  After the JUMP.