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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Writing "Colonies of Kobol" Part VI - Saul Tigh and Brenik

I'm currently writing Book Fifteen: New Caprica.  Having just finished Book Thirteen: Caprica, I had plenty of things fresh in my mind to use ... especially when it comes to the torture of Saul Tigh.

If you have the DVDs or Blu-rays of BSG, then you know there are deleted scenes.  A lot of what is removed is of little consequence.  Sometimes, however, there is gold.  For example, remember Elosha telling Galactica's crew that the Tribes fled Kobol when a jealous god sought to elevate himself above the others?  That was a deleted scene.  (And one that I put my own unique twist on in Lords of Kobol.)

Here's another deleted scene.  In it, Young Bill Adama and Young Saul Tigh talk about the war and Tigh discusses his own particular horror story.  I couldn't find the entire scene on YouTube, but here's the audio for his tale:

I couldn't NOT use that, right?  I did, in Caprica and I revisit it in New Caprica.  Click the JUMP for two never-before-seen chapters, one from each book (in first draft form ... so keep that in mind).