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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Writing Colonies XXIV: SITREP - Canceron is finished; starting Aerilon

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My attempt at a Gulliver's Travels-style tale within the Kobolverse is complete.  It was fun, but perhaps a distraction.  I don't know if I will include in Canceron as it does not directly impact the story (a few characters reference it and some themes jibe), but for now, it's in there. 

If you're interested in such things, here is the map of Canceron included in Book Six:

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For those keeping track, Book Six: Canceron is currently 164 pages long.  That's 354 pages in Volume Two and a grand total of 1,636 pages in Colonies of Kobol thus far.

Now, on to Book Seven: Aerilon ... I'm doing something a bit different again and focusing on a singular story that bridges the period between its initial colonization and them being (and wanting to remain) on their own.

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Monday, January 4, 2021

SITREP: What's ahead for 2021

Happy New Year, first off.  It would be difficult for 2021 to be worse than 2020 for most of us, but let's not invite that particular jinx, shall we?

The thing I'm still working on, of course, is Colonies of Kobol.  I still believe that I am more than half finished with this sixteen-book epic and it could easily top 2,000 pages (across three volumes) when it's complete.  I am currently working on Book Six: Canceron and still have six to go after it's done.

While it has been lengthy, writing Colonies has proven very enjoyable.  In large part, this is due to the fact that I'm able to dabble in multiple genres as I tell the prehistory of BSG.  I got to do some good ol' Cylon action in Book One; some knight-type religious warfare in Book Two; some Game of Thrones-ian castle and political intrigue in Three and Four; a soup├žon of Lovecraftian horror in Six ... That's on top of me finishing what Syfy wouldn't when they cancelled Caprica (I rounded off that show and started the Cylon War in Thirteen); showing the arrival of the Final Five, the creation of the humanoid Cylons, and the forming of Cavil's "plan" in Fourteen; and writing an epilogue to BSG itself with a story set on our Earth, both after the Colonials arrive as well as in our own future, in Sixteen.  Still ahead: a western, some Hornblower-style naval action, the origin of the Colonies' favorite sport, a deep dive into the history of Tauron, and more.

2021 marks the tenth anniversary of my publishing Lords of Kobol, so it is my hope that I can publish Colonies this year.  I don't know if I can pull it off, but I'm certainly going to try.  I managed to write some seven hundred pages in 2020, so I guess it's possible.

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