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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Writing 'Colonies' Part XV: Sitrep - Book Four is Finished (and I'm halfway done)

Here's the graphic:

SOMEHOW, I managed to write all of Book Four: Virgon in less than one month.  It's about 100 pages ... that's a lot for such a short time.  I wondered if Virgon was "too short" at that length, but the story it tells is tight, fast-paced, and exciting (I thought, anyway).  Plus, as most of Volume Two deals with the Imperial era of the Colonies (both Leo and Virgo), there would be plenty more Virgon to come.

AND, if you'll note on the handy-dandy chart, this means that eight out of the sixteen books in Colonies of Kobol are now finished.  Wow.  Halfway ... I didn't believe I'd get here so quickly.  (Note, however, that this halfway mark is somewhat arbitrary.  As far as actual pages go, I have no real idea of where or when the halfway mark would fall.  At least I won't until I've actually finished the thing.)

So now I have outlined and am ready to move on to the most exploited of the Twelve Colonies, Sagittaron:

The story it tells is necessary but probably not fun.

Thanks for reading.