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Friday, July 15, 2011

Writing, Part II

As stated before, I began to sketch out what happened on Kobol while at Dragon*Con '09 in Atlanta, GA.  All of this came from what I remembered being said in the show and is pasted from the Wordpad file I created back then:

Distant past - Flood nearly destroys mankind.
2,000 years before Exodus - 13th tribe leaves for Earth (Why?); Temple of Hopes built on Algae Planet
1,500-1,600 years before Exodus - Pythia writes her prophecies, etc., for the Sacred Scrolls
1,000 years before Exodus - probe from 13th tribe is left in Lion Head Nebula

Time of the Exodus -
Cylon revolt? (Confrontation at the "home of the gods?")
"Blaze" pursues mankind from the City of the Gods (nuclear?)
Human sacrifice (leaders at Tomb of Athena)
Choice between the ship or the high road into the mountains
Mankind (12 or 13 tribes?) leaves from the Great Meadow aboard a ship named Galleon
Athena's suicide in despair over mankind's departure at Gates of Hera (Who built Athena's Tomb if they all left?)
Arrow of Apollo
"Lower Demon" helped mankind
Dying leader
Serpents "numbering two and ten"
God abandons Kobol (why?)
Zeus warns fleeing humanity not to return; "exact a price in blood"

Since I was using just my memory, I left out a few tidbits here and there.  A rewatching of the series and a scouring of the Internet later filled in the pieces I missed.  (Such as a deleted scene from the show wherein Elosha says humanity left Kobol after a "jealous god" tried to take over.  Boy, that came in handy later.)

Interesting to look back on this and remember the seemingly intractable questions and conundrums (conundra?).  Humility alert: I solved them all by the end.

On this skeleton, I had to hang meat.  OK, that's a bit gross.  Still, these were the tentpoles on which I had to build a compelling story.  It was there; I knew it.  But I had some questions to answer first.  Big questions.

Next time, perhaps I'll find a way to present some of those questions without revealing too much.

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