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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Video the Internet Won't Let Me Share

Since I teased it some weeks ago, I've been trying to find a site that will allow me to upload the "Lords of Kobol" preview teaser that I put together.  YouTube, et al, keep claiming "copyright infringements" and all that.

So.  I've decided to do this up as right as I can and still convey what I wanted.  Essentially, the purpose of this video is to refresh your memory.  To bring certain things to mind that you may have missed or forgotten as BSG itself got further away from Kobol.

Check it out after the JUMP.

Here's the musical accompaniment from the awesome Bear McCreary:

When you're ready, click play on that and start reading below.  (Screencaps from

ADAMA: Life here began out there.

ADAMA: These stories, about Kobol, gods ... they're just stories, legends, myths.

ELOSHA: Birthplace of mankind, where the gods and men lived in paradise.  The Forum and the Opera House in the City of the Gods.

TIGH: Been a while since I read scripture.  Why'd we leave Kobol in the first place?

ELOSHA: One jealous god began to desire that he be elevated above all the other gods.  And the war on Kobol began.

SIX: God turned his back on Kobol.  Turned his back on men and the false gods he worshiped.

ROSLIN: The scriptures tell us a dying leader led humanity to the promised land.

ELOSHA: 'And the blaze pursued them.  And the people of Kobol had a choice: to board the great ship or take the high road through the rocky ridge ...'

SHARON: 'And the body of each tribe's leader was offered to the gods in the Tomb of Athena.'

ELOSHA: Yes, precisely.

 SHARON: And the great ship was the Galleon, that departed from here, where we're standing.  And it took the founders of the thirteen colonies to their destiny.  Those that didn't board the Galleon took the high road ...

 SHARON: ... the rocky ridge that led to the tomb.

SHARON: I think those are the Gates of Hera.  That's the spot where your god supposedly stood and watched Athena throw herself down in despair over the exodus of the thirteen tribes.

SHARON: Athena's tomb, whoever, whatever she really was, is probably up there.

ROSLIN: So according to the scriptures, if we had the Arrow of Apollo, we could take it down to Kobol and we could use it to open the Tomb of Athena and find our way to Earth.

ELOSHA: The Scrolls tell us the Thirteenth Tribe left Kobol in the early days.  They traveled far and made their home upon a planet called Earth, which circled a distant and unknown star.

BALTAR: The Thirteenth Tribe were Cylon.

SIX: Human sacrifice ...

TYROL: The scriptures say that this temple was the final resting place of the Eye of Jupiter.

ELOSHA: Serpents numbering two and ten.

ADAMA: 'And Zeus warned the leaders of the Twelve Tribes that any return to Kobol would exact a price in blood.'

LEOBEN: All this has happened before and all of it will happen again.

ROSLIN: It's real.  The scriptures, the myths, the prophecies ... they're all real.

ELOSHA: So say we all.

There you go.  The real video itself probably isn't as awesome as the one you just made in your head, but it gets its point across.

Now that you've been primed for Lords of Kobol, download Book One at the top of the page.

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