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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mapping the City of the Gods

Again, if you're writing a book with complicated goings on, you need to know where things are so you can send your characters where they need to go.  It helps your narrative make sense.

Thanks to Laura Roslin's chamalla-inspired visions, we got a nice pic of the center of the City of the Gods (or, as I call it for much of the book, Theonpolis).  I took a decent-sized screenshot and started labeling things.

Plenty of things to see (click the above to increase it to full size).  Pantheon Circle is a big traffic circle, in case you couldn't tell; the road "spokes" are named after some Greek protogenoi (primordial deities).

I had no official clue what anything was, other than the Opera House and the Forum.  So I labeled stuff what made sense to me and helped serve my story.


  1. Nice. This is the closest I have seen of the inner part of the City of the Gods.