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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sexy Time - UPDATED

UPDATE: My wife has finished reading the first part of the book ... and approves.

She also said it was "hot."

I'll now start writing in earnest and hopefully have the whole thing for you lot to read this summer.  I'll be posting random chapters every once in a while, too.

OK, I've decided which book to work on next.

My "male romance novel."  Working title has been Depraved, but I'm now leaning toward I Pronounce You Husbands & Wives.  I started writing it back in 2008 but stopped after a while.

At any rate, I'm not actually writing more just yet.  I need someone's approval.

My wife.

Now, before you start thinking "whu-PISHHH!" (that would be a whip noise), there's a good reason for it.  No, the subject matter doesn't bother her.  She loves porn.  LOVES it.  And she loves reading sexy books.  Man, I lucked out in that regard.

What's that, honey?  Sure.  I'll delete that bit.

Anyways.  I want her approval because a good bit of the book is semi-autobiographical.  Doesn't feel fair to be telling tales about her without her OK.

So.  If she gives the "thumbs up," I'll start banging it out.  So to speak.

If she doesn't, then I move on to something else.

At any rate, shall I titillate you?  How about Chapter 1?

Click the JUMP.  (Warning: It's naughty, naughty stuff.)

It was the first time I had two women sucking on my cock that I asked myself, “Where did I go wrong?”  I know that doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that should be going through the mind of a guy experiencing every man’s fantasy, but, hey, that’s what I was thinking.  

Yes, I did say, “first time.”  It happened often after that.

Did I mention that one of those women was my wife?  That was pretty sweet.  My favorite though was when I was fucking the other chick and my wife would suck on my balls.  That was great.  We only did that a couple of times because the wife didn’t care for it very much.  Something about her nose being too close to my asshole or something.

Oh, yeah.  My name’s Greg.  How you doing?

So, I had some guilt issues.  Still do, I guess.  I’ve just learned to suppress it.

It wasn’t the double-teaming that was “wrong,” … or maybe it was.  I don’t know.  I’m just saying that it was then – at that point – that I knew my life had gone in a direction I never would have imagined.

It’s kinda like being on a roller coaster.  You know?  When you’re headed toward the top and everything’s cool and you’re looking around.  That’s fun.  And you get to the crest of that first hill and that’s the peak, man.  The top.  I guess that first foursome was the top of the hill.

What?  Right, right; no.  Not a threesome; a foursome.  I’ll get to that.  Don’t worry.

So you’re on the top of the hill and from there on it’s just down and up and down and corkscrews and loops and all kinds of crazy shit.  A lot of it’s fun, trust me.  But some parts will just mess with you.  Like corkscrews.  I hate those.  Regardless, if you’re on the roller coaster too long, you either get numb to it or you puke.  Sometimes you do both.  I’ve been there.

Now let's see what the wife says.

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