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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sexy Name Change & Another Sexy Chapter

As you might guess, this post relates to my upcoming "male romance novel."  Naughty things will be discussed.

First off, though, a name change.  For years, this book was going to be called Depraved.  I decided against that since the things described therein weren't really depraved, per se.  Maybe to some people.  But still ... not nearly so far gone as to warrant that title.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go with I Pronounce You Husbands & Wives.  A bit wordy, but it was more applicable.  Unfortunately, it didn't match the gist of the whole work.

I decided the other day to change it to Sexcalation.  You know, "escalation" with some "sex" on the front.  Maybe a bit too on the nose?  Perhaps.  But it is more in line with the story.

I'm not 100% sold on that title, so I might change it again.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime, here's another super sexy chapter.  Extremely graphic sexual acts (with some humor) will be described after the JUMP.


Have you ever seen 9½ Weeks?  OK; at this point in time, I hadn't.  I knew it involved Kim Basinger and food-covered sex.  Or something like that.  Anyway, I had a good idea of what foods were supposed to be great to slather on your partner and lick off.


I'll give away the ending first.  It's a fucking mistake.  I don't care how much you like chocolate syrup, when you have to suck a pint off a girl's tits, it's just too much.  Maple syrup, too.  You just lick and lick and lick and there's so much more.  It's like it never goes away.  And when it does, you're sticky as all get out and you'll want to shower before you actually commence to fucking because you're disgusted by the sight and sound of your skin peeling off hers.  A few days later, you still won't want anything with chocolate or syrup.  

And don't harbor any fantasies about putting bananas or whatever up in her kootch.  It ain't healthy to have food in there and she'll probably tell you that straight up. 

All that aside, what happened the night we tried food was actually some of the best sex ever.  Even though the resolution of the evening totally sucked donkey dong.  And, no, it had nothing to do with cleaning up chocolate syrup.

I had gone to a "novelty" shop and picked up a few things.  Nothing crazy; just blindfold, feather and a small toy whip.  Oh, and I went to Lowe's to get a length of rope.  Now there's a story.

I walk in and ask where the nylon rope is.  I'm taken there by an associate, and the different types of rope are on spools, and the associate had a device to burn the rope off in whatever desired length.  So I start looking at the various nylon ropes.  I pulled sections from the spool, wrapped it around my wrist and yanked on it a few good times to make sure it wouldn't hurt.  The Lowe's guy is looking at me real funny, and I pointed to one type, "Yeah, ten feet of that will be fine."

"Ooohhh-kkkaaayyy," he said and he measured out the length.

So back to my apartment.  It's after dinner.  I've got candles lit all over the place.  She's stripped down to a hot, black Victoria's Secret-type number with thigh-high stockings.  We crawled across the bed to each other and started kissing.  I held the back of her head and dove my tongue deep into her mouth.  She leaned to one side and I lowered her to the bed.  I lightly ran a hand from her cheek, pressed down her neck, along the outer curve of her breast, down her stomach, and to her ass, which I gripped and pulled toward me.  I bit into her neck and made her gasp.  She reached down my pants and started to stroke my cock. 

I pulled off my pants, picked her up a little and placed her in the middle of the bed.  I took the blindfold from the nightstand and put it over her eyes.  I then took the feather and brushed it over the top of her ear.  Down her cheek.  Across the front of her neck.  I swirled it around her collarbone and pulled one of her straps down.  I moved the feather up to her shoulder and Kelly raised up a little to pull her tit out of the nightie.  I slowly brought the feather back to her breast and circled it, brought it up and around the areola and then to her nipple.

She smiled and sat up straight.  "Take it off."  I though she meant her blindfold until she raised her arms.  I complied and pulled it up and over her head and those great breasts of hers just hung there.  She started to lay back down, but I couldn't resist cupping one and licking the underside.  I nibbled along the left tit while the feather danced on the right.  I licked up to her nipple and took it into my mouth.  I used a finger to get some of my saliva and moisten her right nipple.  I massaged that breast and lightly blew across it.  Her nipple shot up and she sucked in a breath sharply.

I picked up the bowl of confectioner's sugar I had nearby and sprinkled some on the breast I had been sucking on.  I massaged it some, and the parts that were dry, the sugar glided over it and felt very soft.  It clumped some on the wet spots and I licked it off.  After a couple of minutes of that, I elected not to use the sugar anymore.

On the other tit, I poured some chocolate syrup.  She gasped at the cold wetness on her and it ran down her breast to her belly and onto the bed.  I took my time licking that off, too, but I again decided not to use that anymore.

I pulled her panties off, kissing along her hip and leg as I did so.  I pressed my hand on her pubic bone and moved my fingers toward her pussy, but I was just teasing.  While I did that, I had grabbed the little whip.  It wasn't a true whip; it was a flogger with light, rubbery plastic strands.  It was fairly soft, but you could give it a sting if you flicked it right.  With Kelly on her side and one hand near her pussy, I took the flogger and gave her nice fwack on the ass.  She jumped, but she laughed.

I massaged her ass some more, and she rolled over to expose both cheeks.  I popped her again and again with the flogger.  I grabbed at her ass and let the strands of the whip dance in a swirl all over her and down from her ass toward her cunt.  I ran my tongue on the underside of her ass down toward her pussy and I hit her again with the flogger.  She rolled back over onto her back and grabbed my leg; pulling me toward her face.

"Gimme that cock," she said and she quickly took my head and most of my shaft inside her mouth.  She was pulling my leg, making me thrust into her.  My dick was running against the roof of her mouth and then she grabbed my ass to pull me into her mouth harder.  I managed to pull my cock free of her influence, and I rolled it in the bowl of confectioner's sugar.  Remember, there's only candlelight, so I didn't really see what happened.  So I put my dick back toward her face and she took the sugar-coated cock in her mouth.  She immediately retracted and coughed. 

"Holy shit.  Too much."  Yeah, too much sugar.  I brushed off as much as I could and returned it to its rightful place: her lips.  She probed the head with her tongue, nodded, and then pulled me closer to her and therefore deeper into her mouth.  Feeling a tad reciprocal, I reached down for her cunt.  My fingers slid through her hair and reached the top of her gash.  Holy fucking shit.  Her lips were … engorged.  That's the best word for it.  Not only was she just swollen with excitement, she was oozing wetness and I used my fingers to spread the wet all around – not that it really needed it.  I fingered her a little and toyed with her clit.  She was still chugging on my cock and I was about to lean down to press my tongue into her sopping crotch, but she pulled my dick out of her mouth and said, "Fuck me."

Yes, ma'am.

I took my new nylon rope, which was pre-tied to the bedposts, and wrapped it around her wrists.  She really seemed to enjoy that.  She gave out a little, "Oh," and then through her teeth, she grunted, "Yes!"
I gave her a smack on the ass for being naughty, and then I spread her legs apart.  I grabbed the ankle and held it high.  On my knees, I moved my rock-hard dick into position and rubbed it between her soaking lips up to her clit.  When I knew the full force of my cock and pubic bone would be on top of her clit, I ground into it.  She squirmed her head to the side and moaned.  I pulled back and then ran my cock slowly into her cunt.  I fed her two inches, then pulled back one.  Two more, then pull back.  I'm teasing her all the way, and she's almost angry with me.  Finally, I plunged my whole cock in, until my balls are pressed against her taint.  She groaned and shuddered.  I pulled back a little and felt just how wet she was.  Holding her legs up and apart, I repeatedly fucked her, in and out. 

I performed a little experiment and tried to pull my dick as far out of her pussy as I could without actually leaving.  It went well.  I looked down and saw the rim of my head push her inner lips apart just before I pushed my cock back inside.  With my dick all the way inside, I pushed my body up, so the top of my cock and my pubic bone would grind against her clit.  At this point she was actually holding onto the rope and pulling on it for leverage.  She was thrusting her hips up at me to coincide with my deep thrusts.  Smack, smack, smack.  She's so wet, you can hear it with every thrust. 

I arched my back and hammered harder and harder.  Her arms were flexed, pulling on the rope, and she started her pre-orgasm "routine."  He head tilted back, her mouth fell open, no apparent breathing.  I looked over at her feet, and she's got her toes as balled up as possible.  A few more deep thrusts, and she decompresses into quakes and a deep exhale.  I was worried that I was going to cum, too, so I slowed down and got ready to pull out.  She got a hand free of the rope, grabbed my ass and said, "Don't stop."
"OK, but first," I leaned over to the table and grabbed a rubber.  "I'm going to need this.  Soon."  I put it on and quickly returned to that perfectly wet cunt. 

We were going at it like this for a while, and she was now untied, holding my ass and grinding my hips into her own.  Over and over my dick was banging into her.

At this point, I need to mention my downstairs neighbor.

He was an asshole.

I couldn't walk in my kitchen without him banging on his ceiling.  If I closed my microwave oven door a little too hard, I got the banging again.  We had multiple "encounters" over this.  I felt that I should be able to walk around my house and live my life.  He didn't.

So, we're still going at it and the bed's a-rockin'.  Apparently, it was a-rockin' a little too much, so fucktard downstairs banged on the ceiling. 

The noise startled me, I lost concentration and blew my load.


To this day, I regard that as one of the best sexual experiences of my life, and he dropped pants and went twosies on top of it.

It's all good.  The next week, I went to an adult bookstore, took some of those little subscription postcards from some choice erotic publications and filled them out with his information.  I heard him arguing with the postman one day a few weeks later when I was packing my stuff up to move to a new place.

I smiled.

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