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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sexy Time: Getting Nasty

I have some additional information about my new "male romance" book, Sexcalation, and the writing of it.  It's a bit graphic, of course, so I'll post it after the JUMP.

Also, I have a whole 'nother sexy-section of the book for you to read.  It, too, is after the JUMP.

Why I am posting all of this after the JUMP?  Because not all of my readers are interested with my foray into literary porn.  If that's you, please endure for another month or so.  If you're liking it, well, click the JUMP!

Writing this book is hard.  Ahem.  It is difficult.  In large part because it makes me hard.

I'm not joking.

Sure, males are supposed to be more visually stimulated than women, but writing this stuff still turns me on.  Mostly, I guess, because I'm picturing various sexual positions and hot chicks and stuff in my head as I type. Also, some of this stuff comes from memory.  That's right.  I said memory.  A lot of Sexcalation is semi-semi-autobiographical (like the scene below).  Remembering those incidents creates a pleasant ... stirring.

Which brings me to the second, grosser point.

Guys, you'll know what I'm talking about here.  If you're being aroused, whether physically or mentally, for an extended period of time, you're likely to start emitting pre-jizz.  Or pre-cum.  Basically, a little bit of semen before an ejaculation takes place.

For me, while I'm writing, there isn't often an ejaculation.  I'm just writing, getting hard and occasionally leaking a little pre-jizz in my pants.

I have even considered, only half-jokingly, investing in a pack of Poise.

Couple these physical discomforts with the fact that I have to be in just the right mood to write this stuff.  I'm not talking about full-on horny and I don't mean post-coital bliss, either.  There seems to be a happy medium, somehow.  If I sit in front of the computer and try to type a crazy foursome scene ... I may not get anywhere.  I can't make it read sexy if I don't feel sexy.  I don't mean I need to look good in tight jeans or anything.  Just my disposition.

OK, enough whining.  I still aim to be done in June with release circa July 4 (Happy Birthday, America!  Here's some porn!).

Here's another selection from the book.  Our hero escalates sex with his wife.  (I'm saving the sexy swapping and foursome scenes for later on.)

We had used the rope before, but that was just play, basically.  We didn't use it too much for a while, but in this post-wedding/pre-kid period, we used it more.  And this time, we meant it.

We had a bed with wrought-iron headboard and footboard.  It was terribly easy to tie her hands or whatever up there, or grab onto the bar for extra leverage.  One evening, after a healthy dose of oral, I took the rope and tightly … I mean tightly … wrapped her wrists together and bound them to one of the bed's bars.

Kelly asked, "Are you going to fuck me hard?"  She smiled as she said it, but I took it as a challenge.

I said, "Damn straight," and I grabbed her under the knees and spread her legs apart.  Anticipating some good fucking that I wouldn't want to interrupt, I had already slipped a rubber on.

I pulled her legs up, forcing her pelvis to angle up, too.  Her wet cunt splayed open for my cock and I quickly pushed it in.  She inhaled sharply and before I had penetrated her fully, I retracted and reentered several times.  Rapid fire.  I pushed her legs open again and this time, I slowly pushed my crotch deep into her warm, moist pussy.  Once my balls were pressed against her taint, I leaned into her further and ground my hips onto her even more. 

I retracted again and moved my hands down toward her ass.  I started fucking her more quickly, and I pushed her upper thighs closer together, therefore pushing her gash tighter on my cock.  She groaned and I fucked harder.  I grabbed under her ass, lifting her slightly.  This meant my cock could go even deeper inside her, and I pushed it forward as far and as quickly as I could.  I slammed into her hard, and she moaned loudly.

"Yes, fuck me.  Fuck me."

I've always liked it when she was vocal.  She used to say she wished I would be more vocal, and certainly I got more vocal as time progressed.  Regardless, her vocalizations were making me hot and consequently making me want to cum that much more quickly.

I ran my fingernails down her legs and grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs as far apart as my arms could reach.  I was now reared back with my knees bent under her thighs.  Much further and I would have been in agony.

Here, I was able to fuck hard and fast.  The angle of her pelvis was still fairly 'up' from the bed and my cock was running inside her pussy and up into her near the G-spot.  I pounded into her again and again.  I leaned back further so that tendon or muscle or whatever along the top of my shaft was bulging off the top and rubbing into her clit.  That worked.  She was gritting her pleasure through her teeth, pulling my ass into her as fast as I was pushing it into her.  Over and over I fucked her, hard.  That unmistakable, wet smack-smack-smack sound joined with the creaking of the bed and the increasingly loud voice of pleasure Kelly was emitting. 

And then she started in with it again. 

"Yes!  Yes!  Like that!  Fuck me.  Fuck me.  Hard.  Harder.  Yes!  Yes!"

I was beginning to lose my mind.  I was trying to knock her cunt into orbit, fucking her toward the sky like I was.  I had a condom on, but it still felt fantastic.  The rim of my head quickly flitting between her tightening lips.  The shaft sliding deep into her. 

I dropped her legs and went into a missionary position, thinking the reduced stress on my dick's muscles would mean less sensation on my cock.  That way, I wouldn't cum as soon as I thought I might.

Didn't work that way.

With me closer in, she tightened her pussy around me.  She wrapped her legs around my waist and used them to push down on my ass and therefore harder into her.  Her hands and wrists were still secure in the rope, but she was pulling on them for leverage so she could push her hips up onto me. 

This wasn't working at all.

I thought I could distract myself with her tits, so I grabbed one and began massaging it, licking the areola.  She was still thrusting herself up onto me and when her nipple sprang up, I pinched it in my lips and then in my teeth.  She grunted, threw herself on me more and pushed her head back deep into the mattress.

"Oh, fuck yes.  Do it.  Fuck me!  Harder!  Yes!  Yes!"

OK.  That was it.  I reached up with my hand and covered her mouth.  I still had a hold on her tit and I squeezed it in my fingers.  I was still pounding into her and she onto me.  But covering her mouth, that shouldn't have gotten us off, right?  Wrong.

She closed her eyes and gave out a satisfied moan before beginning a pre-orgasmic quiver.  I still covered her mouth and I leaned back as far as I could, now holding one of her legs with the other hand.  She grunted louder through my fingers and I pounded into her a few more times before letting loose with a loud growl of my own.  I came hard and so did she.

"Goddamn," she said as I untied the ropes.  "That was awesome."

"You liked it when I covered your mouth?"

"Yes," she said with enthusiasm, almost laughing.  "I really liked it."

"I'll keep that in mind."

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