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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mapping Kobol, Part III

Usually I post the maps for each book after the book itself is out, but, hey.  I'm trying to pass the time before the first week of October.  The book includes the maps, but they're small and in grayscale.  The first two books only had one map each, but I made three for Book Three.

(In case you're wondering how I devised the maps of Kobol in the first place, check out this older post.)

The first one is one you've seen before.  It's the City of the Gods (aka Theonpolis) taken from a screencap of BSG when Roslin's tripping balls on chamalla:
(As always, you can see bigger versions by clicking on them.)

The next one is of the suburbs of the City of the Gods.  Well, not really.  It's the surrounding area, including the mountains (such as Mt. Olympus and the Gates of Hera) and the Tomb of Athena:

Lastly, here's the now-familiar map of the whole world, but with Book Three points of interest:
Hmm.  Lots of military bases.  I wonder what that implies?  Did you notice that the symbol for Cylon facilities is a pentagon?

QUIZ: who can tell me the one place name, other than City of the Gods, that does not come from ancient Greece or other ancient places, languages, etc.?  Tell me the place name and whence it came and I'll give you a copy of Book Three before anybody else.  (Leave your answer in the comments below, along with your Twitter or email address.)

Lords of Kobol - Book Three: The Final Exodus will be available for download in the first week of October.


  1. Kodos is the name given to the governor of the Tarsus IV colony in the Star Trek storyline, who changed his name and began a new life as an actor. He was found and identified, and died protecting Kirk from his (Kodos') own daughter in TOS episode "The Conscience of the King."

    Twitter: @gozomj