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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great Trek & BSG Pics

There are some truly awesome pictures out there from Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica that you've probably never seen.  They come from three blogs operated by visual effects artists who have worked on the shows and films.  In honor of Trek's 45th anniversary today and BSG's ... general greatness, I present a healthy sampling of these pics (many of them huge enough for desktop wallpaper).

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That Viper and these first images come from the mostly defunct blog of Darth Mojo.  He worked on BSG and Star Trek.

(Remember: these pics are larger than you see here.  Often big enough for a desktop wallpaper.  Click to embiggen.)

He co-authored a book titled Starship Spotter and some great pics come from there:

Here's some Cylon love.  Drool:
These Cylon images come from two great, in-depth posts: Anatomy of a Cylon and Anatomy of a Cylon Extras.

Here's a great Star Trek post and this is my favorite image (it's huge):

Here's the cover from the BSG Emmy sheet in 2007-2008 (more pics in that link):

Some beautiful pics in this post, including this one:

A humongous pic with most of the Trek starships we've seen:

Here's a beautiful Cylon Basestar:

Wondered how big the Colony was?  Check this post out:

Wanna see the ancient Cylon, built by the Thirteenth Tribe on Earth I?

That's Darth Mojo.  Loads and loads more.

The last blog today is John Eaves'.  He is the designer who created the Enterprise-E.
Yes, Eaves does Star Trek pinups, too.

Sorry for the hugeness of this post, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Again, go to their sites for loads and loads more great pics and stories.

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