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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Here’s the first color movie on the big list (HERE).  It’s Warning from Space (1956), made by Daiei, the studio behind the Gamera series.

James, my eleven-year-old son, will go first:
My life is a lie!!!! I thought they ripped off Justice League with these aliens because they look like Starro but then I found out this came first! And the planet coming to crash into earth is like Gorath but that movie came later too!! And the sound effect of the space ship was copied from Gamera BUT THIS MOVIE CAME BEFORE THAT TOO!!!!!! 
Story wise I thought it was boring most of the time. The aliens looked cool even though the stars looked like pajamas but they shapeshifted into humans. Boring. 

So rating wise I give it 3.0000003 Atomic Blast Breaths of Awesomeness!
My turn:
TL;DR?  It’s not that great … just interesting. 
Rogue planet’s coming toward Earth, aliens show up to help (which is rather novel for scifi films of this era) and then it all goes to hell. Part of the movie is made up of the aliens trying to figure out how to get their message to Earth’s scientists without freaking out the population. Smart concept but it feels stretched too thin in the movie. 
The plot beings to really stretch credulity in the last half as the “World Congress” is hesitant to try to stop the planet. That’s dumb enough. But then the scientist with the world-saving formula is kidnapped and left for dead. Sure, I get that governments would want the weapon, but sacrificing the entire planet to do so? Also, at one point, a couple dozen schoolkids are hiding out during the apocalypse in a basement with some of the scientists … for some reason. I must have missed why. 
Warning from Space … some cool concepts even if it wasn’t executed so great. 2.75 out of five atomic breath blasts.
Here’s the opening minute of the film (I couldn’t find the trailer):

Up next, Rodan.

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