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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: GORATH (1962)

We plow deeper into the list, and reach the third film in Toho's space trilogy, Gorath (1962).

I'll go first:
So a rogue star is heading toward Earth and will swallow it up.  Death is certain and yet everyone on Earth seems pretty blasé about it.  The big plan to save humanity?  Install hundreds of giant rockets in Antarctica to propel the Earth out of its path. 
Honestly, there's only three things to enjoy about this movie. 
One, models.  If you like watching Toho's movie models do stuff, you'll enjoy the huge swaths of time watching them go.  They're all very impressive and more engrossing than the human side of things. 
Two, playing the "That Guy" game.  Like every other Toho film of this era, they're using the same actors over and over.  "Hey, there's Dr. Serizawa."  "Hey, there's Dr. Yamane."  "Hey, there's the general in King Kong vs. Godzilla."  You get it.  Serizawa is the keystone.  First one to spot him wins.  I won this time. 
Three, perhaps the goofiest kaiju, pre-Gamera franchise.  Maguma is a giant walrus that emerges from the melting ice and attacks the rocket facilities.  It's a five-minute scene and feels shoehorned in. 
Other than that, it's boring as hell. 
Gorath ... ZZZzzzzZzZzZZZzz ... 1 out of five atomic breath blasts.
Now my son, James:
I thought it was boring, and the only kaiju was a walrus! It was about a huge star headed toward earth. I give it 0.004 Atomic Breaths of awesomeness 
P.S. it was sooooo boring i didn't want to write that much
Here's the trailer:

Next up, flying battleship and power tool, Atragon.

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