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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mapping "Displaced" Part II

My scifi-action-mystery novel Displaced is still out there (check it out HERE).  If you've read it, you've no doubt seen the relatively small, black-and-white map and chart at the end of the book.  Both are spoilery, so I'll be posting them after the JUMP.

First, here's the spoiler free, simple map of the Lee's farm you've seen before:

The others you can see after the JUMP.

The first is the same map with all manner of displacements noted.  Prehistoric animals, futuristic robots, great gaping holes ... it's all marked:
Click to enlarge, of course.

And here's the size comparison chart of the various animals and things Wilson Daniels encountered.  I used scientific names in the book, so I can understand it if people have trouble visualizing the creatures.  Hopefully my descriptions and these figures will help:

Because of the contained nature of the story, that's about all I have for art with Displaced.

If anyone has any questions about the story or anything regarding Displaced, just ask.

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