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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Writing 'Colonies' Part XIX: SITREP - Book Five Is Done, Starting Book Six

It's a dark story, but Sagittaron's portion is complete.  They are at the mercy of the Virgan and Leonan Empires for centuries and some might say (like Tom Zarek) that it continued into the federal era post-Cylon War.  

Colonialism continues in Book Six: Canceron.  I've decided to tackle it in a different way and (perhaps) somewhat lightheartedly.  That's the first half, at any rate.  The second half will look at the consequences of the planet's choices from the first half.   As for the "worldbuilding" element, I've taken a cue from the QMX map which reveals that one of the major cities is named "Mangala."  Among its uses on Earth, Mangala is Hindu for the planet Mars.  Mars you say?  A great entry point for people who followed the Lords of Kobol. 

Writing continues ...

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