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Friday, March 9, 2012

Covers: 'Diary of a Second Life'

My new book is coming soon, so that means I have to craft a cover for the thing.

It's called Diary of a Second Life, so a diary of some sort needed to be featured.  I got an old school, marbled-covered composition notebook and soaked it in tea to color the paper and age it.  If you've read that mighty frakked up chapter, you know there's something creepy going on with hammers and nails, too.  My son and I mixed some food coloring and corn syrup up, gathered the other stuff and walked down to the creek near our home.  It was a fun afternoon, getting my son to pose lifelessly next to a pool of blood on a rock by a moderately swollen water source.

So, here are the four covers I've made.  These won't be final; I'm sure to tweak the winner some more.  (Click to enlarge them, of course.)

You can vote for your favorite over on my Facebook page.  Please 'like' me and comment there.

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