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Monday, February 27, 2012

Drawing 'Second Life'

As most of you know, I recently finished writing my next book, Diary of a Second Life.  I'm in the editing phase now, but instead of just editing, I'm also illustrating certain things.  If I come across something I think that our protagonist might want to illustrate in his diary, I draw it.

Now, I'm no artist.  That will become apparent shortly.  Because I stink, it will provide some verisimilitude when the author of the diary says, "I wish I could draw better."  That's right; because I suck at drawing things, my character will suck at drawing things, too.

Here's a preview of some of the bits of "art" I've finished and can share without being spoilery.

First up, a map.  You'll recall from Lords of Kobol and Displaced that I love mapping things out (click to enlarge):

Next, here's our hero's weapon of choice.  He calls it his "curved blade."

Here are the lockers.  The concept is creepy as hell, but I won't get into that here:

Finally, the ruins of an ancient bridge (click to enlarge):

I later decided to change the location of this river, and because I'm a nerdy stickler, I needed to redo the drawing to accurately match the bridge supports at the new location.  Yes; this bridge, unwrecked, exists (click to enlarge):

More to come later, of course.  Still aiming for a mid-March release.

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