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Monday, October 10, 2011

Coming Soon - The Fourth Book in the Trilogy

Wait, what?


Don't get me wrong: the story I wanted to tell in Books One, Two & Three is wrapped up in those three books. However, years ago as I pondered the Lords, I had several unused thoughts and concepts.  Once I went with the Lords being (REDACTED), there was no way those unused concepts could be adapted.

So, for two-plus years, I've had some good ideas banging around in my brain trying to be used.  Even as I edited and made ready to publish the trilogy, those concepts were screaming inside and became nagging doubts.  I thought the best way to exorcise those thoughts would be to put them down on the page.

Thus, Lords of Kobol - Book Four.  It does not supplant the trilogy in any way.  It acts as an alternate universe version of the story.  A sort of "road not taken."

I'll get into the style of the book later on, but suffice it to say: this one is very different.

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