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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Free Books for Halloween

Just because I'm a good guy, I wanted to hand out some treats for Halloween.  In this case, my pair of "scary" books.  These will be free and all I ask in return is that you rate and review them.  And maybe share them with people you think will like them.  OK?

First up, my "teen road trip zombie novel":

Three hundred years after the end of the world as we know it, young Wess Marin feels compelled to leave his insular community and strike out in hopeful desperation on his own. He aims to stop the menace that still ravages mankind, but on his way, he will encounter terror, both from the living and the dead. Wess finds a gleaming city, but will they help him realize his goal?

Join this young adult on an adventure of self discovery. Armed only with a blade and his wits, Wess must traverse many wild miles to bring about an end to the Darkness.

The persistence of hope, the triumph of will over adversity, the denial of superstition ... to achieve these things, Wess must fight the inhumanity of some, the horror of others and his own doubts.

Find it HERE and use code "SU98T" to get it for FREE.

Next, my "balls-out monster bash":

Dr. Mason Karlow is a distinguished art museum director and curator with decades of experience around the globe. He's entering his twilight years as he prepares to open his latest and greatest facility. He's also quite evil.

In a bid for eternal life, Karlow has found a Babylonian artifact and must perform an ancient ceremony in the light of a Blood Moon. He needs sacrifices, lots of sacrifices, and he gathers monsters from the world's folklore to do his bidding.

Follow Karlow's victims as they fight for their lives in one hellish night at the museum. Vampires, werewolves, mummies, and more await you in The Art of Death!

Find it HERE and use code "XY29Z" to get it for FREE.

Thanks again.

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