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Friday, August 3, 2018

Get part of "COLONIES OF KOBOL" right now!

Today, August 3, marks the seventh anniversary of Lords of Kobol - Book One: Apotheosis.  I just want to say "thank you" to everyone who downloaded it and gave it a read.  Big thanks to those of you who rated and reviewed it wherever you got it.  (It's not too late; go ahead and rate & review the series online wherever you can.)

To say thanks, I'm offering up the two (mostly) completed parts of my upcoming Colonies of Kobol series: Book One: Earth and Book Fourteen: The Colony.  Since these two have a common theme, a special cover seemed to be a logical thing to do:

Yes, these two books involve the fall of Cylon Earth and the trek of the Final Five from there to the Colonies, where they put a stop to the First Cylon War.  Then we get to see the creation of the Colonial skinjobs and the rise of Cavil.

Both are early drafts, so be forgiving.

A good knowledge of Battlestar Galactica is (obviously) recommended, as is at least a passing familiarity with Lords of Kobol.  Also, knowing a bit about Caprica would be helpful in places, too.

To get your copy, click this link:  You have only 24 hours to do this!  Once we hit Saturday, August 4, your time is up!

Each person will get a PDF.  Please don't share it.  Thanks again!


  1. Fucking Beautiful. Thank you.
    All sweet looking covers....nice.
    Keep killing it, ETY III.