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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Win the First Draft of "Book One - Earth"

(EDIT: We have a winner!  Scroll down or click the JUMP to see!)

I've finished the first draft of Book One - Earth.

I like it a great deal, but I will have to go back and do some editing and rewriting, of course.  Regardless of what may come, the winner will get to see what I've got so far.

Since we're talking about Earth, here are some of the covers I made for Book One, some of which draw on the flag style for the Twelve Colonies.

Those were OK, I guess, but I gave it another stab and came up with this one:

This is the one I've gone with for the book.

(What's the symbol at the bottom?  It's my interpretation of the Colonial version of the thirteenth zodiac sign, Ophiuchus the serpent bearer.  Of course, serpents and snakes played a part in the Thirteenth Tribe in Lords of Kobol - Book One.)

Ready to play?  It's after the JUMP ...

First off, let me make something clear ...

Colonies of Kobol will be made up of three separate novels; three VOLUMES.

Each volume will be made up of multiple BOOKS that will focus on different colonies.

Volume One, for example, will include Earth (Book One), Gemenon (Book Two), and at least one other to be determined later.

Here's the question:

How many BOOKS altogether will be in the three volumes of Colonies of Kobol?


SIXTEEN ... that's a lot of damn books I have to write.

Congrats, Phillip.