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Friday, May 22, 2015

Coupon Codes!

In celebration of my "ety3rd" rechristening, I'm discounting pretty much everything.

My scifi books are growing in popularity.  Displaced, my action-packed time travel novel, is still my best seller.  Use coupon code GX69X to get it for just 99¢:

Diary of a Second Life is a post-post-apocalyptic teen road trip zombie novel.  It's deeper than it sounds and it's just about my most personal work.  Use coupon code FH53F to get it for just 99¢:

I've also written a couple of adult books.

There's Sexcalation, a semi-autobiographical account of married life with the addition of another couple.  Use coupon code GB99B to get it for just 99¢:

Then there's The Red Kick.  A stripper learns the secrets of her city's bad guys then she puts on a mask and a skintight outfit to punch evil in its stupid face.  It's a lot of fun (written a bit like a comic book) and turned out far better than it had any right to.  Use coupon code WV58W to get it for just 99¢:

Of course, my Lords of Kobol series is FREE.  Like always:

Thanks, as always.  More to come ...

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