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Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: BIG MAN JAPAN (2007)

Still making our way down the BIG LIST with less than ten movies to go.

Today's film is Big Man Japan (2007).

I'll go first:
Well.  This is an odd duck. 
Shot like a documentary, it follows Sato, the sixth in a line of Japanese heroes who grow to enormous height when electricity runs through them. 
His life isn't as cool as you might think.  He gets a monthly stipend from the government but he lives in near poverty.  His daughter is estranged from him.  His agent makes big bucks off him but doesn't seem to share the wealth.  The people aren't appreciative of his efforts to stop the invasions of incredibly bizarre monsters.  No, you don't understand.  INCREDIBLY bizarre. 
Combover Guy is the least of the weirdness.  There's a guy hopping around on one hand, a naked chicken with his eyeball on a lengthy tentacle, a giant Hellboy-like baby who kicks Sato's ass, a pair of "Stink Monsters" who mate ...  Maybe it's the fact that most of the monsters are flesh-toned.  And that they have human faces.  And that they get "beamed up" when they're defeated.  It makes it all feel so strange. 
Unfortunately, in between the various fights, there are lengthy sequences illustrating the mundanity of Sato's life.  While I get the point, they stretch on too long. 
It's a satire, for certain.  Of kaiju films, sure.  But of capitalism, commercialism, Japanese culture, a slipping hold on old rituals, ... a slew of things. 
The end scene (and the credits sequence) are stinking hilarious.  My son and I laughed the whole way through.  I won't spoil it.  It's too good.  (My son spoils it below, though.) 
Big Man Japan ... slow in parts, but often funny and damned weird.  3.75 out of five atomic breath blasts.
My son's turn:
Well, this one is weird and funny because at one scene big man japan meets Ultra Family (Ultra Man spin off)  and the words "baby or Die!!" Appear on the screen and then the mom gets the baby, puts her on the ground and then Ultra Dad kick her into the monster they're fighting.  
So, rating wise, i'll say 3.7 out of 5 Atomic Huh?s of Weirdness!! 
Here's the trailer:

Next, D-War: Dragon Wars (2007).

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