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Friday, February 15, 2013

LEGO Kids Fest

Somehow, our home of Richmond, VA is one of seven cities in the US to get a visit by LEGO Kids Fest this year.  Basically, it's like a small LEGO convention with loads of activities for the kids, construction areas, showroom-type spaces, etc.  We spent nearly five hours there and left wiped.

Just to get an idea, here's the Big Brick Pile.  Possibly hundreds of thousands of bricks just piled up in an area for kids to play and build with.  Typically, all the kids just flopped into it as though it were made of leaves.

Some of the coolest things were the statues built entirely of LEGO.  Here you go:

 And check out the detail on Maul:

While I'm on Bilbo, check out Bag End, both the front and the interior:

Lightning McQueen here took more than 2,000 hours to build and weighs about one ton:

(Yes, that's my son.  Not some random kid I was following.  Promise.)

Again, check out the detail on Captain Jack Sparrow:

Huge fun.  If you're lucky enough to be near one, go.

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  1. A Lego convention. Now that is really cool. And the statues of fantasy, sci-fi, and comic that is the bomb!