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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Weekend SALE

To kick off the holiday season, how about I give away some books?  (All I ask in return is that you RATE & REVIEW when you're done.)

My post-post-apocalyptic teen road trip zombie epic is FREE.

Go to SMASHWORDS and use code QR69F.

My time-travel scifi action adventure tale is also FREE.  Like Lost but with a clearer plot and more solid ending.

Go to SMASHWORDS and use code HC92L.

On the erotic side of things:

Issue #1 of my superhero erotica is already FREE.  Click here to get it.

For Issue #2 to be FREE, go to SMASHWORDS and use code QZ27G.

This one's not FREE; just reduced:
My semi-autobiographical bit of erotica involving married life, threesomes, foursomes, etc.  Usually $2.99; get it here for 99¢.

Go to SMASHWORDS and use code HD92L.

Don't forget to RATE & REVIEW!  Happy shopping!

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