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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"The Red Kick": DOWNLOAD NOW!

For years, citizens fed up with crime have donned masks to help their fellow man and call the police when the need arises. In Pilgrim City, one such seductive costumed hero has taken things further. 

 At night, she dances as Blaze or Ginger or Ruby at the city's strip clubs, scouting out and learning all she can from the seedy underbelly of her town. Later, she'll slip into her tight black outfit and her signature thigh-high red boots to patrol the streets as The Red Kick. She fights thugs, drug dealers and gangsters on the reg, but this time, she has uncovered a sprawling plot that threatens to destroy half her home and kill thousands. 

 "The Red Kick" is an action-packed, sex-filled novel written like a comic book. "BIFF! POW! BANG!" punctuates the adventures both on the street and in the bedroom (or in the strip clubs or wherever else the mood strikes). Put on your mask, grab your junk, punch fools and enjoy THE RED KICK!

All five "issues" for $4.99!

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5 out of 5 stars on Smashwords
4.25 out of 5 stars on Goodreads

"Thought this was a great little story, the cover art is awesome and reminiscent of Sin City and various other film noir classics. The writing style is original and evocative, the imagery great. The story itself reads like a cross between Dick Tracy and Kick Ass with plenty of action, intrigue and some hot sex. Everything a discerning guy could want in short. Oh and hot women."
-- Mikey Lee Ray

"Enjoyed this and will definitely recommend it. Great action and liked the way the steamy parts were written, hot." -- James Riddel


Not sure you want to buy the whole thing?  You can download "Issue #1" for FREE right HERE!

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